Can You Whiten a Tooth After a Root Canal?

Can You Whiten a Tooth After a Root Canal?

After getting a root canal, people can opt for traditional whitening procedures that work wonders. But it is advisable to wait before getting them done. The root canal is a complex procedure and leaves behind a residue.

Yes, it is possible to whiten the teeth after a root canal surgery. Following traditional methods such as internal bleaching help minimize the pain and do not let the patients experience any discomfort. If everything is normal and the assessment reports are good then doctors go ahead with the teeth whitening procedures. In our previous blog, we have explained the process of teeth whitening in Hudson after root canal. Read along to know the possibility of whitening a tooth after a root canal.

Delving Deeper Into Teeth Whitening After a Root Canal Surgery:

The cosmetic dentist in Hudson usually recommends people to undergo teeth whitening procedures after a while. The timeline could be between two to four months. Simultaneous dental treatments could make things worse and allow no room for recuperation or restore one’s oral condition.

Reasons Why Teeth Get Discolored After a Root Canal Procedure:

Usually teeth can get discolored after a root canal treatment because of the materials used to fill the tooth and the breakdown of hemoglobin. The residue can lead to stains and spots on the teeth that could be embarrassing.

Also, the sealants that are used during the root canal process to cover the tooth might seep into the delicate tubules and the pulp. When these remnants percolate, things become difficult for the patients and they wallow in pain during the surgery.

The teeth whitening in Hudson is done by dental experts with a profound knowledge of their field. They can make discolored teeth a few shades lighter through the process of internal bleaching.

The discoloration of the tooth caused by the root canal is intrinsic and leads to a plethora of problems. In such cases, reach out to the dental office near you in Niles. The best dental office will have dental experts who have precision of work and the required medical equipment.

Teeth Whitening in Hudson After Root Canal:

The endodontist in Hudson recommends the method of internal bleaching to treat yellow stained teeth. He/she places a bleaching agent into the pulp chamber. The agent fills the hollow gaps in the teeth and prevents tooth discolouration. Root canal teeth whitening might not be as effective as natural teeth whitening. Hence internal bleaching is the key to it.

Internal Bleaching as Teeth Whitening After Root Canals:

The process of internal bleaching encapsulates the use of radiographs to assess the root canal treatment. If things go haywire, then retreatment is advised to fix the dental issues. The dentist near you in Youngtown also takes photographs of the person’s teeth to determine the shades.

A layer of the cement base minimizes leakage and leads to an effective treatment. The restoration material and bleaching agent is removed to get maximum results. Also, the hidden areas are thoroughly cleaned for the teeth to become several shades lighter.

The cosmetic dentist in Niles also applies hydrogen peroxide, whitening gels and bleaching creams to grant the patients a set of healthy, white teeth. The oral experts provide utmost dental care to people and recommend ways to keep impeccable dental hygiene.

Summing it up, the teeth whitening treatments are a boon for people with dental issues. The procedure can be done directly after a root canal surgery but it is recommended to wait for some time and not rush things. The endodontic procedures are effective and last for a lifetime without sabotaging one’s dental health or leading to a plethora of diseases.


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