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Emergency Dentistry Liberty Township, Youngstown, Austintown, Girard, Hubbard, Niles, Hudson

If you are facing an emergency dental situation and require care, our team can help you with pain relief and take necessary steps to protect your teeth and gums from danger. An emergency dental situation is not like your routine dental visit which requires a pre-scheduled appointment.

At our practice, we prioritize prompt treatment for toothaches and broken teeth, ensuring you receive care within 24 hours. Additionally, true emergencies such as accidents or avulsed teeth will be seen immediately by our skilled team.

Our general dentists at Pristine Dental located in Liberty Township, Ohio treat many patients during the times of dental crisis. Dental emergencies are critical since they are capable of damaging living tissues in the oral cavity. Patients should approach a dentist when they go through any sort of pain in the tooth, gums or the mouth as a whole. Dental treatment can protect the oral cavity from infection which, if left untreated, can spread to other parts of the head during the later stages. Even a knocked off natural tooth can be saved if it is taken to the dentist immediately.

We, at Pristine Dental, treat many patients during dental emergencies. Although we are not an emergency service, we offer all our patients an appointment time within 24 hours of the patient calling the office with a toothache or broken tooth.

Dental emergencies and tips

Toothache:- It is one of the common dental emergencies which patients come across. It can be caused by gum diseases or caries. Patients can wash the mouth with warm water and use a cold compress to lessen the pain. They should visit a dentist immediately.

Knocked off tooth:- Natural tooth which is knocked off from the mouth can be put back in place if it is taken to a dentist at the earliest. The patient has to wash the tooth with warm water and should try putting it back in place. If he/she fails to put it in position, then the tooth can be stored in a milk container or can be placed in the vestibule of the mouth. The patient has to take it to the dentist immediately.

Chipped off or broken tooth:- When a tooth is chipped off or broken, the patient can try collecting the broken pieces and wash it in warm water. The patient should visit the dentist immediately. Over-the-counter pain medicine can help relieve the pain.

All dental services at our office are offered by general dentists.

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