Professional Teeth Whitening: Everything You Need To Know

Procedure of Professional Teeth Whitening | Hudson | Niles

Teeth whitening procedure performed by a professional cosmetic dentist Hudson is the most favored method to brighten the smile. But there are many facets to contemplate before you hand pick teeth whitening. Like cost, your oral hygiene, habits and whether in-office or at home procedure is the better option. In our previous blog, we have explained 4 ways to increase the look of porcelain veneers in Hudson. However, If you want to explore details of professional teeth whitening Niles, please read on.

Methods of Performing Teeth Whitening in Hudson:

  1. Multiple Methods and Chemicals:

    All tooth whitening agents contain carbamide and hydrogen peroxide. These agents remove stains in the teeth by a chemical reaction to weaken the stain. Take home whitening strips, pens, whitening toothpastes also contain one or both peroxides but in smaller concentrations. A cosmetic dentist in Niles provides in-office whitening procedures and uses higher concentration of these peroxides. To prevent damage to the gums, cosmetic dentists isolate the teeth from the gum. In office whitening procedures are considerably expensive but quicker to get sparkling white teeth.

  2. In Office Teeth Whitening Option:

    It takes a few short appointments to complete office teeth whitening in Niles. Cosmetic dentist leaves the whitening agent on the teeth for 15-20 minutes and the entire procedure is completed in an hour or so.

The procedure of Professional Teeth Whitening in Niles:

  1. Hydrogen peroxide is applied on teeth by a syringe.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide is coupled with high intensity lights, like UV, halogen, or laser.

Use of high intensity light increases the brightness. The shade does not rebound. There are few studies showing its effectiveness and side effects that are temporary on porcelain veneers in Hudson.

7 Dental Care Tips in Austintown After Teeth Whitening Procedure:

You could expect following steps:

  1. Use a shade chart to review the existing shade and what would be desired level of the shade after the procedure.
  2. Tooth scaling to remove plaque and tartar followed by teeth polishing.
  3. To protect gums from high concentration peroxide agents, dentists create a barrier dam.
  4. Whitening agent is applied and left for 20 minutes. High intensity light is used to whiten the teeth.
  5. Additional coat of the agent, if needed.
  6. Mouth is rinsed and fluoride is applied to lessen potentially sensitivity issues.
  7. Post treatment, have a discussion with a dentist near you in Hubbard.

Take Home Treatment For Teeth Whitening:

Take home treatment at our dental office near you in Niles is recommended to people who have only this option to whiten the teeth or to protect your in-office treatment. A custom fabricated dental tray is created that has the exact impression of your mouth. At home treatment typically contains carbamide peroxide as a whitening agent. These custom trays should be used for a few hours every day up to a month to achieve the desired results. These custom trays are better than over the counter teeth whitening options.


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